"Fairly Lucid Productions have a real winner on their hands with Member"
"Provocative, Punchy and Powerful" - "an incredibly important work"

"the most confronting work of theatre you're likely to see this year,"
"most visceral, heart-stopping"
"utterly gripping and hypnotic"

“ a powerful indictment of gay hate crimes”
“Noble’s performance is compelling and passionate.”
THEATRE RED (MEMBER - Sydney Season)

“a gripping depiction of tribal behaviour and homophobic violence”.
“The script is well written, often filmic in its attention to atmospheric detail.”
“an effective piece of theatre”

“powerful, dark and urgent”
“a finely calibrated show”
Noble “elevates this simplest of theatrical forms, the one man show, to an art that is hard to beat”
SUZY GOES SEE (MEMBER - Sydney Season)

“extraordinary work”
“MEMBER might be a tough experience but it’s an informed, well expressed superbly acted production”

“so powerful and moving” ★★★★ 1/2

"spellbinding yet spine-chilling"
"Riveting and bursting with emotional turmoil, Member had a strong impact and left me speechless and on the edge of my seat"
2SER.fm (MEMBER - Sydney Season)

“The play is bold, unnerving and totally absorbing”
The Barefoot Review (The Reckoning)

“There is something incredibly noble about this show. Ben Noble portrays every character in this show, and he is a wonder.”
Buzzcuts (The Reckoning)

“The story is one that is begging to be told in some theatrical form or other. You have to admire Fairly Lucid Productions’ experimental approach and commitment to grappling with hard subject matter.”
Australian Stage (The Reckoning)

“Noble is exemplary.  An important story that needs to be told”
Theatrepress (MEMBER)

“a powerful, emotional, thought-provoking and stunningly performed piece of theatre”.
The Music (MEMBER)

“an important story”
The Australian (MEMBER)

“a solid, effective show.  Ben Noble perfectly embodies the everyman”
The Age (MEMBER)

“MEMBER is an… important part of the queer arts.  Highly recommended.  Ben Noble is captivating”
The Plus Ones (MEMBER)

 “Comedies don’t get much blacker than this. Ben Noble nails it, Wendy Bos is beautifully flippant - not one for the squirmish”
Adelaide Advertiser (Raton Laveur)

 “tight & highly entertaining, not for the faint of heart, a great black comedy"
KRYZTOFF Magazine (Raton Laveur)

 “riotously funny and must not be missed! Ben Noble excels...  Blood-drippingly marvellous!”
RIP IT UP Magazine (Raton Laveur)

“clearly possessed of talent and vision. A rich and delightful comedy experience that... definitely ought not be missed. Go and see excellent creative talent at work”
HECKLER Magazine (Raton Laveur)

“a damn fine piece of work, impeccable comic timing of its two leads”
Adelaide Theatre Guide (Raton Laveur)

“one-act psycho-drama/black comedy, slick and wonderful. Bos gives an excellent performance.  Funny, gruesome, confronting”
Aussie Theatre (Raton Laveur)

Noble is “one of the top emerging artists to watch out for”
MX News, Melbourne, Australia

“Slick, Stylish and Bold.  It is refreshing to see a young writer stretching the theatrical medium”.
The Royal Court London on Noble’s work (In The Darkness of Shadows)

“A complex psychological drama... with strong performances... interrogation pushes the boundaries of the Fringe."
Kevin Hill, Eye Weekly, Canada (interrogation)

"interrogation" is a tense psychological drama ... Writer and lead actor, Ben Noble is at his best in this demanding role. A must see.
Donna Gee, The More the Merrier CIUT FM, Canada (interrogation)


They are “a part of a new generation of Melbourne Theatre artists which look restlessly beyond parochial influences, and... demonstrate that contemporary British writing is beginning to make itself felt in writing here”.
Noble is clearly a startling and intelligent talent...with the power of (his) performance and the intelligence of his writing"
Alison Croggon - Theatre Notes (interrogation)

"played impressively by Ben Noble... it's a production worth seeing; the principles are fine, with Noble outstanding"
Bill Perrett, The Sunday Age (Phaedra’s Love)

"Beautifully eclectic" and "diversely textured"
Inpress Australia. (The Scattergun Project)