MEMBER announced for Midsumma Festival

So the Midsumma Festival Guide for 2016 has come out and you may find us on it!  We are so excited to do a show at La Mama finally for the Midsumma Festival.  Tix on sale Friday.  But until then.  Here are the details.

Everything is great for Corey.  He loves his wife.  He’s learning to talk to his son.  He got promoted at work.  Life couldn’t be better. But when Corey finds himself sitting at his son’s hospital bed everything he relies on might be taken away.  Deeply buried secrets can bubble to the surface when no one’s looking and history can repeat itself.

Based on the gay hate crime epidemic that blighted Sydney’s coastline during the 1980s and 1990s, and resulted in as many as 80 murders and 30 unsolved cases, this one-man show presents a gruesome Australian history lesson.  

Deaths were previously ruled as suicides are now thought to have been murders. The victims hunted down and savagely beaten, bludgeoned, stabbed or thrown to their deaths by gangs of youths - some as young as 12 years old.  Investigations into the actions of the Police and the identities of the killers are ongoing.

This piece was Shortlisted for the inaugural Midsumma Festival & Gasworks Playtime Development Grant in 2015.

Written & Performed by Ben Noble

Additional Words by Rochelle Bright, Meg Courtney, Bjorn Deigner, Emma Dockery, Dan Giovannoni, Elise Hearst & Finegan Kruckemeyer.

Directed by Casey Gould
Design by Jacob Battista
Lighting Design by Lisa Mibus
Sound Design by Coleman Grehan

Please note: this production contains material that may upset or disturb.



Ben Noble