Fairly Lucid Productions began with the hope of spreading new writing to new audiences across the globe. Our intention is to enrich theatre with new forms, emerging artists and wonderful story telling.

As an independent theatre company committed to offering theatre experiences of the highest quality, Fairly Lucid Productions is offering exciting packages for Corporate and Private Individuals. 

Becoming a Sponsor of the company will have a huge impact on our capacity to create and present work and allow independent artists to enrich their talents.

We have several different packages available for your convenience.  If you want to help us grow and support a show please feel free to get in contact with us at

OUR RECENT Supporters - the reckoning

John & Sue Noble

Principal Sponsors
Kirrily Burton
Jim Lee
Deanne Noble

Hans & Judy Van Dyck
Annie Watson Moody 

In memory of Hazel Joy Smith
In memory of Edna May Noble

Joy & Karl Anderson
Anonymous x 10
Carolyn Bolzon
Barbara Bos
Wendy Bos
Jennifer & Andrew Braid
Jason Bridge
Carly Clark
Claire Fievez
Justine Gorman
Julia Mann
Mary Tobin Presents
Amy Noble
Richard Norris
Catriona Rabl
Lucy Schnall
Kathleen Smith
Sarah Strazzeri
Helen Taylor

The Melbourne Company would like to thank -
Naomi O’Callaghan, Daniel Clarke, Angela Cole & Theatreworks staff, the staff at The Butterfly Club, Claudia and Matik Music for their beautiful recordings, Sasha Bradbury Photography for her lovely stills,  Joy FM, MCV for the love.  Arena Theatre Company & Arts Centre Melbourne.  The Noble family – who go above and beyond helping out the creative team and our pursuits, Kitty St Clair, Le Sphinx, Patrick Graham, Julieaah Boehm, The Bakehouse staff, The Adelaide Fringe Staff, Little Birdy Tickets, Angie Bird,  Ptiika Owen-Shaw, Kylie van der Veer, Andy Hunt, Nicholas Colla, Bernadette Sweeney, Rachael Dyson-McGregor, Kylie Trounson, Petra Kalive, Fracas Theatre, Theatre Husk, Melbourne Comedy Festival, TS Publicity, John & Sue Noble, Rachel Reggars, Jade Bonus, Andrew @ Plakkit, Ken @ Composite Colour.
FOR THE RECKONING we would like to thank Fiona Blair, Dan Giovannoni, Jonathon Harris-Fox, Petra Kalive, Alister Smith, Joel Checkley, Melanie Velissaris.

In Toronto we would like to thank
Our wonderful Cast & Crew, Toronto Fringe Festival staff (Gideon, Paula, Adam, Shanna, Cat, Fanny, Lindsay, Autumn, Amanda and all), our amazing Venue Technicians, Our Front of House Geniuses, the wonderful Volunteers, the depARTment crew (Joey & Zach) for their support and fabulous venue, Pablo & Lucy for letting me take the reins for awhile, Elle Bullen & Angie Bird for their fabulous print media design, Sabrina Armani for the beautiful image and wonderful photography,  Leah-Simone Bowen & Erin Brandenburg for help start the journey, Rhea Akler & Noah, The Lower Ossington Theatre, Caitlin Morris-Cornfield, McKenzie Scott, Heather McLean, Zita Nyarady, Katherine Morton, Ruby Dallas, IM Printing, Brian & Clinton’s, MK Piatkowski, Geraldine Cahill, Nicholas, Sarah, Precious & Sean, Anthony B for nakedness, Jonathan Armstrong, Insomnia & the Man in the Yellow Jacket that walks past our rehearsals , knocks on the window and makes us take a moment to relax and just simply wave back

For Readings in the Rough
Gary and Staff at the Comedy Bar, Kevin MacDonald, Colin Doyle, Equity Stage Theatre, Maxine Mellor, Nicolas Billion, Mayko Nguyen, Lindy Zucker, Marlene Matos-Jones, Chris Currie, Amelia Roper, Mark Braithwaite, J.LP, Daniel Krolik.

For your feedback
Lindy Zucker, Autumn Smith, Cathy Murphy, Bjorn Diegner, Allyson Smith, Iris Truscott, Royal Court, Lucy Stewart, Jerry Silverberg, Chris Smith, Petra Kalive, Fiona Blair.

From Australia development and past production and workshops
World Interplay, Brett Adam & staff at St Martins Youth Arts Centre, Lauren Taylor, Julie Waddington, Jacinta Percy, Alison Boyce, Tim Stitz, Fiona Macleod, Madeline West, Shaun Brown, Sylvie de Crespigny, Daniel Frederiksen, Fiona Macleod, Peter Roberts, Luke Hails, Andrew Bellchambers, Lucy Stewart, Pablo Calero, Alison Croggon, Danielle Carter, John & Sue Noble, the staff at the 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Our Past Fundraisers Volunteers, Helpers, Performers
Sasha Van Bon Bon, DJ Kellyboy, Chris Smith, Adam Kirkham, Mike Lewandowski, Sarah Stunt, Grace Cavarra, Geraldine Cahill, Gwyndaf Jones, Marlene Matos Jones, Alex Dallas, Milena Gajic, Lorena Torsoni, Larry Lewis, Brian Zanier, Alde Calongcagong, the staff at Dewi Sant United Welsh Church, Jennifer Peterson, Colin Lacey, Jaqlin Walters and the staff at The Gladstone Hotel, Maggie Maloney, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Giacamo,  Julia Tausch, Lindy Zucker, Justin Ruttan, Aaron Knight, Terrance Balazo, Joe and the staff at Revival, Gladstone Hotel.

For those who helped be and hear our voices in Canadian Workshops
Kevin MacDonald, Jessica Greenberg, Mark McGrinder, Mike Ross, Kimwun Perehinuc, Justina Szecsi, Denise Pennock,  Jesse Hughes, Nicholas Billion, Tessa King, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Lauren Taylor, Corinne Murray, Chris Whitby, Megan Dunlop, Alex Dallas, Karie Richards, Rhea Akler, Jessica Greenberg, Jonathan Baldock, Louise Plunkett and staff at CanStage, Zach Kellum & Johanna Reynolds from the depARTment.